The Difference between the Eastern and Western Mountains for Campers

Mountains have long been the preferred destination for campers. With their great altitudes, their rocky landscape, and an abundance of natural environment compared to man-made ones, mountain ranges are as great a departure as any from your normal life. And living in a different place for different experiences is the very essence of camping. Of course, mountains are not always the same, and there is a significant difference between the mountains of the east and those of the west. Since campers have to deal with these differences up front, it is better to understand them beforehand. Here a few differences any mountain camper must know about:

Skiing is far harder in the East

Skiing is a very common activity amongst mountain campers. The thrill of it has attracted many towards the mountains to try and test their skills out. However, skiing is not the same everywhere. It depends on a lot of the natural terrain of the mountain the skier is moving on. And that is where the difference between eastern and western mountains comes up. Western mountains are very smooth. They have relatively smooth slopes with a genuine and layered covering of snow. Skiers love the straightforwardness of the western mountains.
However, the eastern mountains are highly rugged. With their rocky terrain, skiers often struggle to adjust to them. No matter how much powder may be used to make the slope smoother, running into the rugged rock of the eastern mountains is a guarantee. It is hence one crucial thing all mountain campers must take note of concerning the eastern mountains.

Hiking follows a similar pattern to skiing

While skiing may be the most popular activity during the winters, hiking easily takes the mantle in spring. Hiking is a great activity if you are looking to push yourself to the limit and wonder how much your body can take. The exertion makes many avid mountain campers and adventurers salivate at the idea of camping.

However, much like skiing, there is a lot of difference between hiking in the western mountains and in the eastern mountains. The western mountains are not very easy to hike in, with the path narrowing down and getting rugged at random intervals. While it is quite the exhaustive experience, the terrain of the western mountain is essentially a pattern. With time you are bound to get used to it.

Contrarily, the mountains of the east follow no discernible pattern. They change their form almost at will. Unlike the western mountains, there is no chance of getting used to the eastern mountains. Instead, you have to make do as you go and try your hand at every new challenge that comes your way. It is a very harrowing experience but ultimately very rewarding.
The differences in the terrain are essential knowledge for all mountain campers. You cannot wish to head out into a different mountain range without knowing them, whether the east or the west.

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