The Best Destinations for Sea Shore Camping

Looking to camp out this year with your family or friends? Tired of the same old forest landscape? If so, sea shore camping is the advised solution for your troubling problem. Normal camping sites can get stale at times, and except for hunting and walking around, there is not much to do. To have a unique camping experience while also partaking in fun activities, look towards the beaches. Sea shore camping provides you with a plethora of activities to enjoy while camping on the beach. It makes for quite the unforgettable camping adventure. Here are a few superb sea shores to camp at this year:

Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

Meaning “deep bay” in Spanish, this park located at the very bottom of the state is the ultimate destination for nature lovers. Especially those with an affection for the deep sea. With its deep waters and its gorgeous white beaches, it is made for fishing and boating enthusiasts. The beach provides a fantastic spot to camp while partaking in the multitude of activities.  Link to Bahia Honda State Park

Kalaloch, Washington

With its surreal beauty and fantastic diversity of animal species, this place in America’s most rainy state is the one stop destination for animal lovers. With sightings of dolphins and whales common during the day, the low tide brings with it an immense number of crabs, sea urchins, and lobsters. It is also a great place for bird watchers, with bald eagles and western gulls being pretty common sights.
Link to Kalaloch, Washington

Hammocks Beach State Park, North Carolina

Located off the coast of North Carolina, this undeveloped, 3 mile long barrier island, Bear Island, is essentially a giant beach by itself. Often requiring ferry service to take travelers to it, Bear Island provides campers with the ideal solitary ground for camping. With its soft waves and its calm atmosphere, Hammocks Beach State Park, North Carolina, is the perfect place to enjoy peaceful sea shore camping.Link to Hamnmocks Beach State Park, NC

Deer Island, Mississippi

Comprising of beautiful natural landscapes, this island located off the Gulf of Mexico this island is famous because of its natural beauty. With pristine sand dunes and a relatively untouched structure, Deer Island is the best place for all adventurers to visit. Take some time to sigh at the breath-taking sunrise and sunset. Link to Deer Island, Mississippi

Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Those looking to depart away from normal life for a while will find Apostle Islands the best place to camp at. These 21 islands are located 12 miles off the coast of Wisconsin and provide campers and travelers with a plethora of activities to enjoy. Along with camping, you can hike, paddle boats, and even sail along the sea. It is the ultimate sea shore experience. Link to Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Assateague Island, Maryland

This photo of Assateague Island is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Off the Maryland and Virginia coast is the home of the wild horses/ponies, better known as Assateague Island. On the Maryland side you have the choice of either a Federal or state park (the state park offers camping). The island is a 37 mile long barrier island offering pristine beaches. The ocean side offers surf fishing, swimming, and surfboarding. The bay side, is less visited offers kayaking, wading, swimming, clamming, and crabbing.
National Park Link:
Maryland State Park Link:

Sea shore camping is the best way to enjoy camping to the fullest. As it offers the chance to partake in many different activities, sea shore camping helps bring out the best in outdoor living. Not only do
you live in places you normally don’t, but you do stuff that you normally would not in your normal life.