The Best Camping and RV Spots along the Pacific Coastal Highway

Looking to camp out along with a road trip? It is certainly the best plan you can think of both a solitary outing and as a family outing. There are numerous places to take such a trip all across the United States of America. However, there is one region in the US that stands out far more than the rest. That region is the Pacific Coast and the Pacific Coastal Highway is the best place to enjoy a camping road trip. With its numerous camping spots, inland and on beaches, and a mixture of natural and man-made attractions, a camping road trip along the Pacific Coastal Highway is quite the experience. Obviously, as on any other trip, you need to find places to spend nights at. For all campers, here are the best camping and RV spots along the Pacific Coastal Highway:

Jumbo Rocks Campground

Promising a true wilderness experience, Jumbo Rocks Campground is a must visit on any camping trip. Located a little off the Highway in Southern California, this campground does not provide you with many modern facilities, but it does provide you with authenticity. With bonfires every evening, next to no electricity or water facilities, you will feel like you are actually living in the wild. So head to Jumbo Rocks Campground for an authentic camping experience.


Durango RV Resort

Far more modern and connected than Jumbo Rocks, Durango RV Resort is the ideal place for anyone looking for a normal vacation. With high-grade facilities and events taking place all year round, this resort located close to the Sacramento River is bound to keep entertainment seekers more than content. Celebrate the famous Northern California wineries and the great golfing while you’re there.


Crystal Cove Beach Cottages

Crystal Cove State Beach
© 2012, California State Parks.
Photo by Brian Baer

A seashore camping alternative for all the sea lovers, this 3.5-mile coastline along Southern California is the perfect destination for those looking to camp close to the waves. With the chances of exploring a huge beach and the chance to view brilliant breath-taking glimpses of the ocean along with Southern California’s beach community, it makes for an unforgettable experience.      

San Elijo State Beach

Located just half an hour away from the city of San Diego, this beach located on the San Diego coastline comes along with great cliffs and superb beaches. The ocean view is superb, along with the sunset and sunrise. The surfing is as good as anywhere in San Diego. The swimming and diving are treats as well. It’s a fantastic place to camp along the beach all year long and is the quintessential camping spot in all of Southern California.

The Pacific Coastal Highway is a fantastic place to camp while having a road trip. With a multitude of different resorts and campgrounds, both inland and near the sea, Pacific Coastal Highway is the best place for you. So head off for the best camping trip you have ever had!

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