Tent camping vs. Pop up camping

Camping is all fun and games till you actually face a risky challenge. It is exciting until you don’t get a relaxed sleep for days. For these reasons, it is important to choose the right type of camping so you don’t face issues like these. Let’s have a comparison between tent camping and pop up camping which is two pretty similar as well as popular choices of camping.

Availability of resources
When it comes to tent camping, the first main issue is clean water. You have to carry clean water with you otherwise you’ll have to spend long hours in search of it. Pop up camping eliminates this issue. You will have running, clean water at all times. You can even get hot water for showers! Other than water, you will also have other resources readily available. For example, you can store drinks and food. Other basic needs like clean towels, cutlery, crockery, etc. are in reach easily. Neither are they difficult to carry nor is there an issue of storage in case of pop up camping.

Luxury and comfort
Sleeping in a sleeping bag out in the cold on the ground versus on a bed inside a warm vehicle obviously has a huge difference. Pop up camp makes you feel like you are inside a tent in the open but your comfort level is that of your home. Pop up camps accommodate 3-4 people who can live comfortably. You also have an enclosed space, free of bugs, where you can eat your food in comfort. Other issues like pests and allergies are also minimal inside a pop-up camp. However, many people prefer tents in its risky nature.

Freedom Cooker

Pop up camp allows the group of friends or family to play games and have fun inside the vehicle. However, tents offer that kind of fun as well. In fact, tent camping doesn’t restrict the availability of space. You can hold bonfires, sing, dance, and what not. It is somewhat of a tie in this category. Both options allow equal amounts of fun.

Cost and expense
There is an immense difference between the expenditure of both types of camping. With tents, you don’t really have much to pay for. The camping grounds are rather cheap. There is no electricity or water expense because you’re surviving on natural resources. Of course, there is no fuel expense either. Pop up camps are a vehicle so they do require fuel. Although they are pretty economical when compared to other RVs, they are much more costly than tents.

Bad weather
Camping is unpredictable. You never know when there could be pouring rain or strong winds. When you are under a tent, you could get leaks. The weather could get extremely chilly. On the contrary, inside a pop-up camp, you can enjoy that weather and experience it like a tent but you will be secure.

Apparently, both the options offer a pretty similar experience with the only difference of luxury. If you’re one who believes that camping should be free of modern technology, pop up camps are not for you. If you’re willing to stay secure by paying more, then you should go for pop up camps for sure.