Tent camping versus RV camping

Everything has its pros and cons. So do the different kinds of camping. The two that are under competition today are tent and RV camping. Read on to find which one wins the show.

What are they

Let’s start with what the two camping types actually are. Tent camping is pretty self-explanatory. It is when you camp in any type of tent. RV camping, on the other hand, is to camp inside a van-like vehicle that is furnished. These vans have beds, toilets, kitchens and other basic requirements built inside the vehicle. A lot of people refuse to consider RV camping as a kind of camping. However, it very definitely is a more modern style of camping.


Tents are pretty small compared to RVs. Getting a tent is much cheaper. Of course, a vehicle with beds and kitchens will cost more. Alongside the basic cost, RVs have the fuel expenditure as well. On the contrary, you can simply carry a tent along with other required basics and set it up at a camping site. Inside an RV, you don’t have to worry about things like clean water, but that comes with a price tag, of course.


Tents are just boundaries. Although there are advanced versions, of course, you cannot expect temperature control or high quality beds. These facilities are all available in an RV. Although camping is all about the adventure, RV is definitely a comfortable form of doing it. For this very reason, many people don’t exactly consider RV as a camping style because you do have very modern facilities. The winner, in terms of comfort, is for sure RV camping.


Camping sites are rather safe these days. However, you never know where there could be pests, wild animals or bad weather. Tents are way weaker. There is a constant danger as well. You could get allergies. In worse situations, you could get attacked as well. RV camping does not have this risk. The inside of the vehicle is lesser likely to get infested. Whatever the weather conditions, the temperature inside the vehicle can be controlled. Some may say that with all this security the true essence of camping is lost. But when it comes to the security of life, RV camping is way more promising.

The hassle

If you’re opting for tent camping, you don’t have to worry about paying huge amounts for the camping site. You just need to carry your tent, clean water, and food along with high motivation. With RV camping, you will have to do the hassle of booking the right vehicle, settling the fee, finalizing the insurance and so much more. Tent camping requires almost no hassle at all.

In conclusion, we can say that each one has its own pros and cons. If you’re willing to spend more money to have a more comfortable experience then RV camping will be the winner for you. But if you like to keep your camping experiences traditional, with the slight risks, then tent camping is your answer. It is all about personal preference at the end.

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