Our First RV, a Popup

We went on many camping trips after the purchase of our tent. But unfortunately I don’t remember much about them and I didn’t keep a log. I can tell you that we had a great time. We even took our first born son Joel camping when he was only 6 weeks old and he seem to like it.

I can say that we noticed most campers are very friendly .polite and caring people. They take care of their campsite, keeping it clean and putting out their campfires before they leave At one camping trip one of the other campers had brought some homegrown tomatoes and gave us some of them for our enjoyment. You don’t always get that kind of friendship at a hotel or motel. When you walk past campsites people say hi and invite you to come and sit and talk.

We picked up our new Coleman pop-up camper from Chesaco Motors on Friday night. And drove straight to Assateague Island State Park. They were full so we got a site at Frontier Town for the night In the morning the boys (Joel 10, Jacob 8, and Joshua 3) and I went swimming in the pool. Since we had to check out of the camp or pay for another night we broke camp and headed back to Assateague Island State Park.

Assateague Island is a barrier island located in Worcester County, Maryland. It is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by Sinepaxent Bay. It has a Federal and a State Campground. The Federal camp is a little more rustic than the State Campground. They have lots of activities like swimming in the ocean beachcombing. Sunbathing. surfing and fishing.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed and were delighted by the wild horses that live on the island year round.
You can watch the ponies but they ask you not to touch or feed them. So they can remain wild.
Every year around the third week of July the Chinatague volunteer fire department rounds up some of the ponies and drives them across the water to Chinatague Virginia to be auctioned off. People come from all over to buy a pony.

We went to the beach so the boys could play in the ocean. Joshua loved playing in the sand, Jacob loved the waves in the ocean. Sometimes he seems to have no caution at all and Joel just tolerates it all. After dinner, we played some board games and went to bed.