Getting Back Into The RV Life Style

After several months of some setbacks, it’s back on the road. It’s a new starting point, the house is sold and we are getting ready for restarting the RV lifestyle. We are currently staying at a very nice campground called Ramblin Pines ( located in Woodbine Maryland. The campground is centrally located for trips to Washington DC., Gettysburg PA., Baltimore, MD, and other areas of historical interests in Maryland. The park is kept very clean and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I recommend the park if you are in the area.

We are currently in a 2013 Montana 3750FL, which we have added a chair lift to the second entrance. This has worked out great for the wife getting in and out of the unit. We hope it helps with the on the road rest stops too. As you know, the trucker’s parking areas always seem to be the farthest away from the restrooms, which isn’t helpful for the handicap.

We are looking for some suggestions on routes for our next trip. We are planning on leaving Maryland at the end of this month, October, heading for Yucaipa, California by Thanksgiving. We have done this trip several times before, heading down to Florida picking up Route 10. I guess a pretty straight route, but we would like some different scenery. I would also like to stay off major interstates as much as possible, in order to see more of the country, but also realizing I’m pulling a 40’ 5th wheel. Any ideas ?

Thanks for listening.

Be safe on the road and look out for each other.