Camping With Your Pet

Pets are surely our best friends as they cherish and emotionally support us. In return, it is the owner’s duty to ensure their pet is enjoying their life. As a pet owner you may want to take your pet to a favorite place for the weekend.

If you are planning to go camping with your dog then here are some tips that you need to know before leaving your home.

• Pack some of your dog’s favorite toys.
• Have a copy of their health records.
• Check their vaccination records, are they up to date?
• Save your pets’ veterinarian number in your phone.

Your dog should be trained in the basic commands like; sit, come, stay, and quiet.

When deciding where to camp, keep in mind what type of places your pet would like and is it pet friendly.

You need to verify that the campground is pet friendly (allows pets). Is there a dog run area, is it fenced in. In a campground your dog will be required to be on a lead, under supervision of an adult whenever outside and not left alone outside. Always be considerate of your fellow campers, keep your dog off of their sites unless invited and always clean up after they have done their business (poop). We have notice some campgrounds have changed their pet policy because of some pet owners inconsideration of fellow campers and not cleaning up after their pet.

Federal, State, and other Public Parks:
Again verify if pets are welcome and in most cases use the same guidelines as those used in a campground.

Make sure that your pet is under supervision at all times, not only for consideration of other campers, but also for your pet safety. Remember, your campsite is new territory to them and could present challenges that are not familiar. Also while camping be sure to check your pet for ticks and try to keep away from mosquitoes. Both can be a health problem for your pet and also for you.

To make sure that your pet also enjoys the camping trip, engage it in activities, like an early morning and/or evening walk.

In case of a cat:

If you own a cat, then a ping pong ball will do the job, as it is the national game of all the cats and the kittens.
• Paper play:
You can also throw a crumbled piece of a paper in front of your cat, if you do not mind the paper getting messed up.

In case of a dog:
If there is a fenced dog park, some free time outside off the leash to burn off some energy, fetch a ball, or maybe meet some new four legged friends. Some dog parks even have agility challenges for Fido.

• Cleanliness:
A major thing to keep in mind while camping with your pet is cleanliness. Ensure that you clean up after your pet at all times. You may want to have some pet shampoo, just in case your pet meets up with some mud, some not so clean water or worst (a skunk).

• Food:
When camping with your pet, remember they like to eat too, pack their food. And don’t forget their treats and maybe even something special just for the occasion.

• Comfortable Bedding:
As your pet is away from home and comfort zone, provide your pet with a comfortable bed and/or blanket. Check your pet and it’s bedding for ticks.

For those that have other pets (than cats and dogs) you’re on your own. I’ve seen some campers with exotic birds and I’m sure there are other types of pets enjoying the camping world with their owners.

Camping with your pet can surely be an adventure, but it requires some extra work and planning on your part for the care and safety of your pet.