Camping: How it helps you make fantastic new friends

Camping is a fantastic activity for people of all ages. It is highly probable that you have been camping at least once in your life or have discussed going on a camping trip, with friends or with family. Besides it being a great physical activity that allows you to spend some very quality time with your loved ones and with nature, camping is a great way to make new friends.

Nowadays, people normally camp at designated campsites or RV spots with a number of other groups of people. It is essentially a large number of people occupying the same place in the wild and living with each other. It is, therefore, a place to meet some wonderful new people and get to know them. Here’s why camping is a great way to make new friends:

Everyone is sharing and in the same boat:

As mentioned above, camping is an activity that involves everyone working together and living together in order to have a great time. Since camping involves eating outside and living outside, you have to strive in order to not only survive but have a good time as well. And to do so, everyone has to work together. It promotes communal harmony and understanding between a large number of people of different identities and walks of life. As they say, the best way to know someone is to work with them. In camping, you have to interact with a number of different people for your own benefit. This gives everyone a chance to know other people and form a relationship with them.

Every friendship is different:

Since you are bound to work with different people on different tasks, the friendliness you might share with them is different as well. It is essentially a number of different relationships formed with many people with each one having its own unique characteristic. Furthermore, the people present at the campsites are of all kinds, different ethnicities, different views, and different occupations. This gives you the chance to interact with a variety of people and forge bonds based on your specific association with them.

It’s giving and takes:

Making a friend is no easy matter. It is giving and take. Not only does it require a lot of effort, but the effort has to go both ways as well. Therefore, the friendships you forge at the campsite are based on how much effort you put in them, and how invested you are. With such a wide variety of people gathered around, the chance of sharing activities with them is bound to help you get to know them. From thereon, much like everything else, it is your own effort that dictates where everything will lead to. Camping will help you meet new people and help you gain some interest in them. However, that is the first step. Everything else depends on you and how you may try to keep those friendships intact after the trip is over.

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