Most people will be hard-pressed to believe that the secret to healthy marriage involves, among other things, a reliable set of camping gear and supplies. Marriage, like any other intimate relationship between two people, depends on communication, trust, and joy to thrive. More and more people are embarking on “couples-only” camping trips in lieu of traditional anniversary and Valentine’s Day dinner reservations. Going camping with one’s spouse is an innovative way to reconnect with Mother Nature (and each other) without breaking the bank or getting bored to distraction!


When compared to booking hotel rooms, cruises, and airfare, taking regular camping trips with one’s spouse is an affordable and fun way to take a break from day-to-day responsibilities. If this is the first time for either of you will be to “roughing” it in the wild, ease your way in by renting a Recreational Vehicle for the first couple of adventures. Sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag does take some getting used to. Discover your own particular camping style and enjoy the experience.


Miles away from the nearest fast food restaurant and microwave, camping trips encourage couples to think ahead about meals. If a couple brings pre-cut vegetables and boiled or roasted meats with them, all that is left to do is start a fire, hang a pot, throw in some spices and tuck into a bowl nutritious soup or stew. Fishing or hunting enthusiasts can even catch and cook their own meat on the trip.


Away from the hustle and hassle of urban life, camping provides couples the privacy to re-embrace each other completely. Sipping hot cocoa and chatting away near the campfire or figuring how to make bait from scratch, it does not matter what you two are doing, just that you are enjoying each other’s company. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to reconnecting; it can be hours of deep conversation or minutes of silence staring into the horizon. Make sure your camping trip is a mobile phone and laptop-free zone or you two will never be able to reap the full benefits of spending this time in nature together.


From the time you both lost your way back from the river to the moment you thought the mama bear had sighted your tent, there is the potential of making amazing memories that will entertain and delight you both for years to come. Even if the most significant part of the entire camping trip was simply sitting next to each other, hand in hand, and staring up at the night sky -it is a priceless experience.

Another bonus of camping with your best friend, confidante and life partner is the freedom to alter or pivot your plans as needed. If one is camping with a group of strangers or friends, it may be tough to shorten the trip, even if there is a chance of unpredictable weather. When it is just the two of you, check the weather forecast or listen to the crack of thunder and make a move if it seems too dangerous to stick around. No need for formality or awkwardness when communicating with one’s spouse.

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